B4RN’s full fibre broadband charges are made up of a one-off £150 connection charge, and a monthly service fee.

Below are our three most popular packages. All prices include VAT at 20%.



£150 connection this covers all the conduit, fibre cable, a 4 channel wifi router and equipment to get you connected up regardless of your distance from the core route.

£30/month  no requirement to have a telephone landline so you can save the £18 line rental.


Non Domestic Users


• Micro businesses (1-5 site staff)* £150 connection £30/month


• Small businesses (6-15 site staff)* £150 connection £60/month


• Medium businesses (over 15 site staff)* £150 connection £150/month


For furnished holiday lettings the monthly charge is £15.00 per month.


Distribution of a B4RN connection (eg, at a caravan park/ hotel/ etc) by wifi or cable.

£30.00 plus £3.00 per unit ( room / caravan etc.) capped at £300 (including 20% vat)


Primary schools and Churches receive a free connection and free internet service on application.




Example of VoiP monthly call service package that is available from a local supplier.

This service will allow you to use the internet for all your telephone calls ,


Voip phone sevice from  £7per month

including free UK calls.


Pre-configured VoIP phones start at £55 + VAT

An analogue adapter to allow users to continue using their existing analogue phones  £55 + VAT


Call pricing on this service is listed at pence per minute eg.

Uk land line peak 0.395p /minute.  International to Australia 0.438p / minute

A 10minute call to Australia 4.5pence

It is actually billed per second so a 30-seconad call would be half the minute cost.

see the sample prices for mobile and landlines around the world below.


Pay As You Go VoIP service

Draytel.org a VoIP provider offer a Pay As You Go (PAYG) basis  you get an 870 number and you can  top up at £10 a time. Uk land line rate is 1.4 pence per minute and Mobile phone rate 11.9 pence per minute.



Mobile phone service improvement


Are you struggling to get a mobile signal at your home. On some networks you can fix this problem with something called femtocell.

Vodafone Sure Signal,

EE Signal Box,

O2 Boostbox,

Three Home Signal device.

All of these solutions use your fibre broadband connection to reach their network. The box will then output a local GSM signal for up to 3-4 phones to send or receive calls, texts or data at once, in and around the house. Cost vary from free to £50+

Some phones are now equipped with Wifi calling that allows your mobile to connect via your internet.