Community broadband for the Allen Valleys

A B4RN project providing fibre broadband to 1,600 properties in rural Northumberland

Why get B4RN?


At 1000Mbps (1Gbps) B4RN's standard gigabit service is far faster than most of us can use but rest assured that you'll have a future proof connection.


B4RN don’t use overhead copper wires
– their fibre ducts are buried. Water ingress doesn’t affect our fibre and nor do high winds. 


An amazing service at an unbeatable price. You can even dispense with your landline and use your B4RN connection for calls (third party call charges apply).


Built by the community, for the community. B4RN is a non-profit  community benefit society. Any profits are reinvested into community projects.

About us

B4AV - Broadband for the Allen Valleys is a local group of volunteers managing the project on the ground. We coordinate the planning and installation of the network between landowners, contractors and householders. 

B4RN - Broadband for the Rural North are the experts. A non-profit community benefit society that oversee and run the entire project. They're already doing this in other parts of the country, and have professionally designed our fibre broadband network. 

How is it possible?

Built by the community for the community

The network

How we plan and install the core network

Find out how we're planning on providing the world's fastest rural broadband to every property in the Allen Valleys.

The service

What we're offering you

What exactly is on offer? How fast is a fibre connection? What does B4RN charge for a gigabit connection? Do I still need my landline?

The funding

How we are funding this

From a combination of community investment and the government's gigabit broadband voucher scheme, here are all the details. 

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Contact us

Contact your local B4AV volunteers:


B4AV, c/o Fawside Office, Allendale Village Hall, Allendale, Hexham, NE47 9PR