Ways to get involved

All of us at B4AV are volunteers, if you got skills to offer then get in touch

Dig days

We organise frequent volunteer dig days to plug the awkward gaps in the route that the contractors don't do. Keep an eye on our facebook page for notification of these.

Dig coordinating

We could be installing more of the network than we currently are, as we're short of dig coordinators. If you're organised, and willing to learn the skills please get in touch. Typically a dig coordinator liaises with the contractor and landowner to finalise the route, and arrange the dates for installation.

Route checking and walking

After installation, map the route with a GPS to record accurately where it has gone in the ground. This team is well staffed at the moment, but if you'd like to join then get in touch.


We really need to encourage people to sign up. The registration process has changed since the project began, leaving many people confused as to whether they have registered or not. If you'd be happy door knocking in an area to give people the information they need then please get in touch.