About the network

How is the network built?

The project relies on the combination of staff at B4RN, local volunteers, contractors and landowners.

Staff at B4RN professionally design and manage the whole project, from initial design through installation to the final connections.

Local B4AV volunteers team coordinate the work on the ground, leasing with staff at B4RN and local contractors, landowners and volunteers. They turn the plan into a reality, under the guidance of B4RN.

Landowners allow us to install the route across their land. We work with them to agree a suitable route, that causes as little disturbance as possible. Often the work is unnoticeable within weeks of installation.

Contractors are paid to install the majority of the core network, including leaving property connections at convenient boundaries of your property where possible. They are paid a flat fee per meter which is uniform across all of B4RN's projects.

How are we progressing?

The areas that we're actively installing are shown below. Active build means that we're engaging contractors to install the core network, and individuals are being encouraged to install their property connections. Areas outside this are being prepared for installation, and are probably waiting for volunteer capacity to reach them. If you can spare the time to coordinate installation please get in touch. 

Map of areas in active build

Correct as of March 2020