What service is B4RN offering?

A fast, affordable, reliable connection


At 1000Mbps (1Gbps) B4RN's standard gigabit service is hundreds of times faster than their average competitor. This means that every member of your household or business can use fast broadband simultaneously without frustration.

Not many people need 1Gbps broadband just now, but you can rest assured B4RN will be able to exploit whatever the internet requires, well into the future. You can even have an upgrade to 10Gbps but we’ve yet to find anyone who would know what to do with that!


You won't find a comparable service for this price.

B4RN’s charges are made up of a one-off £150 connection charge, and a monthly service fee. You can have B4RN installed and start taking service immediately, or you can delay taking service until you’re ready, or when your current phone/broadband contract expires.

Below are the most popular packages. All prices include VAT at 20%.

£150 connection
£30/month service

Micro businesses (1-5 site staff)*
£150 connection
£30/month service

Small businesses (6-15 site staff)*
£150 connection
£60/month service

Medium businesses (over 15 site staff)*
£150 connection
£150/month service

*Holiday cottages, caravan sites, schools, larger businesses, hotels, churches etc all have special pricing plans that take into account their special circumstances. 


Unlike slower ‘superfast’ broadband providers we don’t use any overhead copper landlines – all our ducts are buried. Water ingress doesn’t affect our fibre and nor do high winds. So next time there’s a storm you don’t need to worry about losing your connection!

You can even have an internet connection during a power cut: we'll power your fibre in the cabinet with batteries and generators when necessary and you'll just need a battery (UPS) connected to your router and away you go.

What about my telephone?

Using your B4RN connection for a VoIP telephone service

A guide to VoIP

Can you ditch your landline once you've got a B4RN connection?

You can use B4RN's internet connection for phone calls but as it's different technology to the old copper phone lines, you'll need to do things a bit differently. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol which is just a fancy way of saying ‘phone calls over broadband’. The quality and ease of use is much the same as a normal phone line though do be aware it won’t work during a power cut unless you have a UPS battery.

1. VoIP provider

B4RN only provides the internet to its customers, it does not run a telephone service itself. You'll need to become a customer of a VoIP provider, which is just the company you'll pay to manage your calls. There are many providers to chose from, each with its own offers. 

Vonage and Sipgate are two of the largest VoIP providers, and Unified are based locally and have agreed a discounted rate for B4AV customers (£6.95 per month including 2000 minutes to mobiles and UK landlines).

2. VoIP kit

As the technology is different to using copper phone lines you'll need some new kit to enable you to use VoIP. A simple VoIP adapter will allow your existing handsets to use VoIP, or of course you could buy new VoIP handsets. 

Download B4RN's guide to VoIP with Vonage.